Several factors play a role in your evaluation of potential summer employment.  You will gather information about the quality of a firm’s summer program, typical work assignments and opportunities for achievement and educational enrichment.  We’ve provided answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How do I apply for a summer associate position?

MVA participates in on-campus interviews and collects resumes from law schools all across the country.  To submit your resume, first contact your career services office to see if Moore & Van Allen will be on campus or is collecting resumes.  If so, please submit your cover letter, resume and transcript through your career service office.  If we are not participating in recruiting on your campus, please apply online here.  For first-year law students, please abide by your law school’s specific guidelines regarding the submission of your resume, transcript and writing sample.

What is the firm’s procedure for call-back interviews?

For the 2021 Summer Program, the Charlotte office will be participating in virtual ‘on-campus’ interviews and resume drops at law schools in early 2021. Select candidates will have additional virtual interviews following OCIs to meet a host of attorneys and other candidates. Hiring decisions are generally made within ten days following these virtual interviews.

What is the duration of the summer program?

Moore & Van Allen’s Summer Program is 10 weeks, beginning in mid-May and ending mid-July.

What is the firm’s policy on split summers?

Summer Associates are strongly encouraged to spend the entire 10-weeks with Moore & Van Allen, but there may be compelling reasons to split.  Such requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

May I take on pro bono work?

All Summer Associates are encouraged to take on pro bono work assignments. Summer Associates participating in pro-bono work are paired with a mentor attorney, while the Summer Associate acts as the lead on the case.  These projects are typically landlord/tenant disputes or domestic violence suits and give the associate the opportunity to carry a case from start to finish.  We also encourage Summer Associates to go with lawyers to court, to sit in on conference calls and to get a feel for the typical activities of a full-time Moore & Van Allen attorney.

Is there a mentor program for summer associates?

Yes, each Summer Associate is assigned two mentors—a member and an associate.  Mentors will help Summer Associates integrate into the firm, and be available for questions and advice throughout the summer.

How are summer associates evaluated?

Summer Associates are evaluated on the projects that they complete during their clerkship.  These evaluations are reviewed with the individual during formal mid-summer and end-of-summer reviews conducted by the Hiring Partners.

What percentage of Summer Associates generally get offers?

It is Moore & Van Allen’s hope that all Summer Associates will receive and accept an offer at the end of the summer.  With the increasing flow of work and the growing demand for our services, the firm is able to accommodate the hiring of every Summer Associate that completes the summer program.  In fact, we work diligently to find a home for each Summer Associate we bring in, subject to an evaluation of the work they perform while here.

How are summer associates compensated?

Moore & Van Allen pays salaries which are at the top of the local market.


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