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You can also refer to their ideas for creating a more balanced wheel of life, which gives you practical suggestions for helping balance your life. Now that you have your Wheel of Life complete, looking at it is simply just not good enough. Then by rating the different segments for satisfaction, your client will clearly see which areas of their life need attention. Ask them to rank their level of satisfaction with each area of their life by drawing a curved line across each segment (see image for example). But don't just use it with your clients! The Wheel of Life Assessment is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. Choose an area to explore more deeply, or brainstorm actions with them to move forwards with. In addition, sometimes categories are split into two for more granular scoring. So I often use this wheel to check in on how I'm doing, and where I could make some adjustments to my own life balance! Simply comment below! Why is that so important? PS. And once your client is more aware of how they feel - and the factors at play in their current situation - you can coach them to identify actions or goals to improve it. Prima Donna theme by Georgia Lou Studios. For a comprehensive overview of coaching tools you may also like our Complete Guide to Coaching Tools. Brighten Up Your Life: Customised for the Renew You Coaching Program! This means asking questions that raise a client's awareness about how they feel - and what matters most to them. This Guide to The Wheel of Life answers the Following: Here are 12 Wheel of Life Coaching Questions to Help: PS. Next brainstorm some O - Options and finally agree what the client W - Will Do. The Wheel of Life is a popular visual tool or worksheet used in coaching to help clients quickly understand how balanced or fulfilled their life is in this moment. It's not technology that's inherently bad, instead it's all about how we use it. Fun & relaxation. Image of Smiling coach with clipboard and client in background on computer by michaeljung, Image of Pie Style Wheel by magic pictures, Image of Client Completing Assessment at Desk by WAYHOME studio, Image of Coach and Client working together - for 11 Ways to use Wheel by Iakov Filimonov, Image of Hand holding cogs against blue sky by geralt, Image of Colourful people in circle around question mark by qimono, Image of Colourful Ferris Wheel against blue sky by imnoom, Image of 3 Coaches Holding Clipboards with Coaching Assessments by pixelheadphoto digitalskillet, Image of Client and Coach in atrium working together by Monkey Business Images, Image of Person in grey business suit running in hamster wheel by Elnur. Explore different opportunities and possibilities for your life. The Life Balance Wheel is a self-assessment tool that shows you the correlation between different areas in your life. with each of the 8 areas. And this understanding gives people clarity - and motivation - to make changes and improve their lives. I tried... 3. LIFE BALANCE WHEEL Filofax Personal Size Printable pdf Organizer Monthly Wheel of Balance Color Crush Insert. It usually consists of 8-10 categories or areas considered important for a whole or balanced life. It can be helpful to use the GROW model. It originates from Tibetan Buddhism and focuses on eight components, which are also called happiness factors in human life. Then, when action planning, a client will usually prioritise and begin with the areas of their life that have the lowest scores. LIFESTYLE BALANCE PIE WORKSHEET 1. Scoring is between 1 (very dissatisfied) and 10 (fully satisfied). What the Life Balance Wheel does is provide an snapshot of people's life satisfaction. 3 New Ways to Use the Wheel of Life in Career, Executive or Business Coaching! As we grow older and life gets busier with family, work and community commitments it's not surprising so many people wake up on day realizing that their life is not balanced and they decide that something has to change. If one of these is seriously out of balance, you’ll be tired, stressed and unhappy. He built many programs to help people achieve their goals, manage time and be a better leader. This site uses cookies to power our shopping cart and provide us with analytics so we can continuously improve. The Apartment Therapy Life Balance Wheel In order to bring your life into balance, it can help to see a top-down, bird’s-eye view. More than just an assessment, the coaching wheel helps clients become more self-aware and more motivated to make changes and create a fulfilling life. The Life Balance Wheel helps you to map your overwhelmed or stressful feelings to the root cause. Instant Download. Which of these categories would you most like to improve? An online version would keep people connected online when we want them connected to themselves! Ask your client to rate their level of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction!) And what change do you want to make first? Friends & Family. Life Balance Wheel Wheel Of Life Work Life Balance Balance Board Filofax Personal Kate Spade Planner Life Coaching Tools Coaching Quotes Mindfulness Meditation. Completing this Wheel of Life exercise regularly is a powerful practice. Example. Home » Coaching Blog » Coaching Tools & Resources » Coaching Exercises » Coaching Wheel » The Complete Guide to The Wheel of Life (for Coaches). See more ideas about life, self improvement, self help. What is the smallest step you could take to get started? Today, the Coaching Wheel takes on many different visual forms and can be completed on paper as well as online, and on mobile phone apps. We want to help clients slow down, so they can connect more deeply with themselves and what truly matters. The perimeter of the circle represents their "Wheel of Life". It was a good refresher for what I learned in coaching Academy. Now that it is fresh in your mind, write 3 key goals or objectives you will achieve to help you restore balance to your life or enhance your life in the area(s) you feel most strongly abo ut. Thank you for this resource. What is the Wheel of Life? Did you know we also have the Wheel of Life Exercise available FREE in Spanish? That’s what the life balance wheel represents—it’s a tool designed to help you analyze the parts of your life and figure out … Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. For more on this, you may like Balance & Self-Care: Are We Doing Enough For Our Clients? Then, using a blank coaching wheel, ask your client to add a title to the top of the page eg. For other Wheel of Life uses, see the Buddhist Wheel of life (disambiguation). 5 docs EasyLifePlanners. Lastly, they can message, text or email the picture of their completed form back to you. As coaches we are therefore perfectly positioned to help clients take better care of themselves. It can be used to demonstrate first-hand the power of coaching. The idea is that the ‘wheel of life’ is made up of the most important life areas and that the wheel will only effectively ‘turn’ when all of these life areas are balanced. Use the Life Balance Wheel to help a client envision how they would like their life to be. How do you feel about your life as you look at your Wheel? That's why we suggest having your client print out this exercise and fill it in with a pen, rather than complete an online version.

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