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If you're using a vitamin C derivative with a higher pH, waiting isn't necessary. So I wonder if the purging of the skin which follows sometimes when using BHAs and AHAs can be prevented by also using ingredients such as Tea tree oil which fight the acne bacteria. Powered by, 10 Things to Know Before Using an AHA or BHA :: Crappy Candle, 10 Things to Know Before Using an AHA or BHA. Im so sad :( please help me. I've been using both for roughly two weeks now (14 treatments and would do every other night) and while there were a couple times my skin was very burny/stingy/red, for the most part I felt like I got used to them and I had exactly what you described in #3- the honeymoon! 4. Should I use a toner after or before a AHA/BHA pack or serum? Pixi Glow or COSRX AHA/BHA Toner), then it's after cleansing and before exfoliating. I still have the Cosrx products but until I understand why my skin did not like them, I am afraid to start using them again. Hydrating toners, like the HL, would go after acids and before masks/serum/ampoules, and in fact some people apply it before masks to increase the hydration abilities of the mask. If it’s a liquid, apply it with a cotton pad; if a lotion or gel, apply it with your fingers. I have generally sensitive skin (basically eastern european dry red undertone lol) particularly during the winter and I just didn't notice I grabbed the extra strength formula ones when I purchased. Hi.. So no, this won’t turn into an ungodly amount of salic… Looking for a specific ingredient, brand, or topic? On the day you use AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid, do not use high concentration of AHA, BHA, retinol, or vitamin C products. Do Natural AHA and BHA Alternatives Work? Hi . Isntree clear skin BHA toner. I love your style of organising and explaining information. In fact, your skin shouldn't really burn or sting after at-home exfoliant use. Ever since I shared my tutorial on the benefits of niacinamide, I've been asked how to use it with my OTHER favourite skincare ingredient: acid!. I recently (about 2 weeks ago) purchased a 14 treatment pack of Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Peel Extra Strength wipes. I like to re-hydrate my skin after any chemical peel and use only soothing, non-irritating products; this means no retinol or vitamin C after my peel! This is super informative and helpful, and it was so great of you to take the time to gather/organize/write up all of these helpful facts and tips! I love your style of writing and can tell you're incredibly concise with your knowledge :)Best,Lili, hi do i continue to use it even if my skin starting to get so dry ? Farmacy Deep Sweep is the best exfoliating toner for oily skin. If you prefer a more solid cleanser that melts into dry skin and can double as a … If it's a hydrating toner, then it's after your actives. The clear skin BHA toner is best for normal to oily skin because it targets sebum, and helps control its production.. Mild, non-alcohol toners can be applied before an exfoliant, post cleansing. Holiday Shopping Advice Thread: What’s in your basket? And I think after I applied my aha & bha, my skin feel moisturized enough and doesn't feel dry. especially around mouth area. Perhaps the skin was purging. Cancel. Should I return the current product and go DOWN another notch to the Alpha Beta Ultra-Gentle daily peel wipes for Sensitive Skin, or will that be too much change regardless of formula strength? CosRX. The BHA Blackhead Power Liquid uses Betaine salicylate as it’s main active ingredient. It was interesting to read that AHA and BHA can cause purging and that perhaps one could have a reaction to the formulation of a product and not necessarily the active ingredient. Because after the breakouts I would have to deal with the scars which are so hard to treat. Benton’s Aloe BHA Skin Toner is extremely popular with Soko Glam customers – and for good reason. 4.0 (based on 351 ratings from Skincarisma & Other Sources ) 5 193 4 56 3 40 2 18 1 44. That way, the BHA can get deeper into blocked or dirty pores as well as prepare the rest of your face for your AHA. Review Overview. The emollient aloe extract deeply nourishes the skin, soothes irritated skin, and heals acne scars. . If it's a hydrating toner, then it's after your actives. DE TLC glycolic acid or babyfacial. I know that a moisturizer is a must, but given my skin conditions, do you think I can just skip it? Some dryness is normal. Used this product before? shall i use it? AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner is made with mineral water to rejuvenate for healthier skin. I have oily skin as well, and it took me a very long time (too long) to figure out that I cannot skip moisturizer. i hope you can maybe help... i dont know what to choose below. It was shocking and painful. I know that the thought of applying SPF to acne prone skin is scary, but it's really important to do so you don't permanently damage your skin. or directly apply face oil or moisturizer after it? Thank you for your kind reply Amylia Wikasa. My skin condition is definitely improving since I used them, but I still get a little amount of blackheads and pimples here and there. Regardless of what you might read elsewhere, this includes. -hey thank you for this post! They are not the same thing. C serum  ( C 21.5) Right or wrong,  I started using all three products  all at once one after the other waiting 20 min between products and so on, but my skin did not like them. 4.0. from 351 Ratings . I do usually wait for 20-30 minutes before applying my gel moisturizer though. Aloe BHA Skin Toner. Make sure you're using a good moisturizer after applying, and if the dryness is particularly bothersome in certain places, you can always apply the moisturizer first in those areas as a buffer. Use a makeup remover or oil-based cream to take off the makeup. Re: Should I use a toner after or before a AHA/BHA pack or serum? This is a huge selling point for me and one of the biggest reasons to recommend it. If you do experience irritation when using both, try a milder face wash. hi, do you think I can skip my moisturizer after applying my aha & bha at night?I have very oily skin and live in humid country.The products I use at night are : low ph cleanser, ph adjusting toner, bha liquid and aha liquid. Because I was used to AHA and BHA products, I was very surprised to get breakouts from using the Cosrx products. These are some of the best exfoliating toners for face. i usually dont have that sensitive skin but then again i have not used and aha/bha scrub two days in a row before. Mit natürlichen Zutaten. This post is so perfectly relevant for me right now! Chemical exfoliants dissolve the dead skin that's normally on the face, exposing that fresh new skin to the sun a bit more than it normally (as compared to that still dead-skin hide we normally have). ⚠️ After your L-ascorbic acid or acid exfoliant, be sure to wait about 30 minutes before you layer on higher-pH products like moisturizer or sunscreen. Take a look at this question: I've had good results from both BHA and niacinamide, but I'm looking for a combo product because I don't have the patience for waiting and layering—or the budget for a whole array of products. I agree with the other comment about only using moisturizers after that product. Like most COSRX products, this one lured me in with its nice simple ingredient list. But my face was so oily if i did not using any skincare product . Für Mischhaut mit Empfindlichkeit. On that facial, I did not only had my pimples removed but also the whiteheads and blackheads especially on my nose where it is prone.

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