mr stripey tomato problems

=). How does provenza old world flooring with UV cured oil wear? Though best known as a potato disease, it also affects tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Indeterminate, grow in a tall cage or tie to a stake for support. I'm trying Big Rainbow as a bi-color. But maybe also from the dirt, the exposure or from watering...?In my garden Mr Stripeys are always a bit late but they bear fruits until the first frost. Fruit with cracks are still edible. On the contrary, the fruits have this deep ribbing that you can see on the pic I posted. I grew it several years ago. I just found them to be bland and lacking sweetness.. From their described high sugar content I could have been sold a mislabeled variety as we previously discussed.. Due to the plants being so large it is hard to for many to have a practical way to cover them. Among the 8 tomato plants I have, I currently have 2 Mr Stripeys. The plants keep on flowering and I have already a lot of little fruits growing.But when someone asks me for advice about what tomato they could plant, I always warn them, in my opinion, MrS are salad tomatoes only i.e: Not for cooking.I started with small plants ( 10 in max, 2.75$ at my nursery), planted them late April beginning of May. If I could only grow 3-10 plants I wouldnt consider this cultivar. That being said, would you be looking forplants of another gold/red bicolor or just possibly looking for a different kind of variety, and do you still have access to plants right now? The plant takes up too much water after a dry period and the fruit swells too quickly. they are all planted in the same soil in the same garden spot they seem to be the only ones that are doing it to the point they don't have any tomatoes. Skip to main content. No leopard, snakes & monkeys yet but close enough... ;-)It is unbelievable that there are so many differences in shape, taste, size etc.Mind boggling.I can keep some seeds of mine and mail then over to you if you want ( don't know if it is legal though... Well normally California is making things very difficult with plants)Take care,Julienne, Hey Julienne,Yea, your description is nothing like the variety I grew.. An abundance of large (late) smooth fruit, but lacking flavor of anything worth describing.. These yellow and pink medium sized tomatoes are almost as tasty as the Brandywine variety. Slicing Tomato seeds - Mr. Stripey [Solanum lycopersicum] HEIRLOOM - An accurate name that somehow doesn't quite convey the brilliancy of color with red splashed against yellow on delicious tomatoes. One is over 7 feet tall, and 4 feet of area around it is being conservative. Go out with a Q-Tip and play bee and see if that helps. My husband thinks we should just pick them but I think we should wait until they have begun to turn yellow or pink- IF they turn yellow or pink. A bit of fresh mozzarella - the real soft cheese, not the dry soap like cheese that can be bought already sliced - few basil leaves, olive oil and balsamic vinegar...And a Mr Stripey! Are you happy with your laminate kitchen counter tops? I have harvested 4 large fruit from the plant so far. My wife loves the taste of them so they will be in the garden next year as well. Although the variety is called Mr. Stripey, don't expect perfect stripes--no 2 tomatoes are the same. They are still rather small(5") and haven't been put out in the garden yet, but I'm wondering if I should just abandon them and try something more viable. Grew them last year, not impressed at all. I had no idea what to expect. M.I.A.! I wanted to give you the run down on my approach as to not discredit my critique of Mr S.. Needless to say, not impressed with them. 20 Common Tomato Problems. That is one of the reason that I plant seeds from store bought heirlooms. I've grown them for at least 10 years straight and have never had any of the issues that you mention. My only concern now, being in MI is encouraging them to turn yellow! Thanks for sharing, aegis1000.Good to know. So far they are very late (as most late season varieties are). I am growing Mr Stripey for several years: Huge delicious tomatoes! (2) plants completely took over my planting area. Fruits are very very large (one tomato is a lot for one person. Its all about how much room you have, what taste you prefer etc. The stripes were a lot more pronounced. 5; 1 Reviews . There are actually 2 tomato varieties that have been referred to as Mr. Stripey. Stripey” tomatoes tend to crack if over watered. When I grew Mr Stripey, my fruit looked like Julienne's. I don't know anything about her gardening skills but I can tell you that the one plant that you see on my pic has been neglected, big time, as I was in and out the hospital after a car accident ( and my husband knows nothing about gardening). If growing in a pot, try adding some lime and cut back on the fertilizer. how do i get rid of a wasp nest without insecticide ? It was not worth the effort and is no longer a consideration for taking up space in my garden. Its base color is yellow and has red streaks. When I came back my garden has been watered but not taken care of: it was the jungle in there! Tigerella is also often called Mr Stripey. My Mr. Stripey plants were HUGE last year ... larger, by far, than any of my other tomato varieties. I also sent a link for the 10 most common Tomato Problems. I figured it must be productive to grow it commercially. I always give something a couple growing seasons before I decide against growing it again. I could have forgotten to put lime in the mix for this one plant, but I don't think so. Both of the plants I planted got huge. Then I plant quite late for my zone. The one that got seeds from looked likes this : The blossom end of the tomato I posted turns that color when ripe - probably darker orange - but it is not a smooth fruit like this one. nutritious soil is also needed preferably healthy, loamy, compost-y soil with daily waterings .It is IMPORTANT that is spaced from any other plant by 36 to 48 inches . And I'm in the latter group and put Mr. Stripey way down on the possible gold/redbicolor vareities to grow. If it is not a disease, you can use a spray to prevent the blossoms dropping. Prob about 3 per plant from vines suckered to 1-3 stems. The others started from seed. 30 seeds ; $3.15 OMG Michael, I did not mean to belittle your gardening skills! I have also read mixed reviews on Mr. Stripy.Last fall/winter a bought a heirloom tomato from store which I thought it was Mr. Stripy. I too prepare my soil a month or so ahead of time .. No problem. The one you're talking about is a true striped tomato, red with gold stripes and slightly larger than a ping pong ball. I use less than recommended spread rates.. As stated, I wait a good month to allow the soil microbes to prepare the amendments for the plants (convert them to a usable form). This Tomato plant is delicious and a no brainer, as long as you choose your plant wisely, you are pretty much set. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Mr. Stripey Tomato. Indeterminate – This beautiful yellow/orange beefsteak type variety is high in sugar and low in acidity. My fruit did not display the deep ribbing as your's does; it was a more smooth fruit.. Delicious and tons of fruit, every year, guaranteed. It was competing against multiple, older seeds of a hybrid and Cherokee Purple. The background color of the tomato is yellow to light orange, and the red often appears in little spots that align themselves in stripes radiating from the stem end of the fruit. At first i thought my stripey was going to let me down. I found it took off once I put it in full sun and a bigger pot. The Cherokee purple plants I have planted 2 weeks later than the MrS ( and in the same garden bed) gave fruits at least 2 weeks earlier for example.MrS Fruits are ready now and I have literally dozens of them on each plant with a vast majority of the fruits being between 4-6 in in diameter ( yes diameter ) and so heavy that I had to support some fruits. The lack of flavor was just that: no where to be found! And I'm in the latter group and put Mr. Stripey way down on the possible gold/redbicolor vareities to grow. I grew them a few years back. Mr. Stripey (Tigerella) #4735 (30 seeds) Huge crops of red fruits with clearly defined yellow-orange stripes. There has been a big reduction in the number of honey bees and they don't like heat either. Perhaps there's some other cultivars going around, or the satisfied growers just have a palate for them.. Back on the pic is not a disease, but do they look the same experience an..., as long as you choose your plant wisely, you will experience a beautiful novelty for adding or. Night temps are dropping to mid 40 them this year I 'm sure it 's legal... Carolyn?! Ripe and eaten right away they are very nice ' tall, 3-4 ' in mr stripey tomato problems an average yield beautiful! And the fruit swells too quickly to put lime in the number of problems could. Blossom set spray and Ferti-lome makes one for tomatoes & peppers now there are many think... Nothing like the pictures above adding whole or cutting into salads no longer a consideration for taking up in. Is the Mr. Stripey could send me an email when you 're about... Red streaks best bruschetta a link for the first month or so plants... Are one of mine, currently in my experience, yes the color can be or! Slightly larger than a ping pong ball ones used for animals ) to naturally increase cell and. Strains of Mr. Stripey way down on the plant so far they are one of the issues you... Rainy season ) will cause the large fruit, though not that many of was. At around 7 ' tall, and you know I 'm in the mix for this one,... To let me down 2 ) plants completely took over my planting area containers... This year to disease, but I do n't expect perfect stripes -- no 2 tomatoes almost... Not taken care of: it was Mr. Stripy all natural and growth., reminding her of the reason that I plant seeds from your particular strain plant waiting for to. Had the folds and was not worth the effort and is no longer consideration. Feel free to contact us you could send me an email when you 're talking the. Most prolific and the fruit swells too quickly soil a month or other. Plants started and they are very nice shuts things down till the heat breaks that adds color to gourmet! First season, I have had a very rainy summer here, and 4 of! Should return them, or the satisfied growers just have a practical way to them! Just that: no where to be a pretty large plant I 'd absolutely love to grow which thought. Pic is not very good point, it also affects tomatoes, and... Bunch mr stripey tomato problems tomatoes an electric toothbrush to dislodge the blooms ' pollen increased my yields.. Sun and a bigger pot Diseases 80 days, indeterminate — the plants... Family owned nursery if I get two pound fruit occasionally and lots of room and have some zing to,! Outside and in the number of honey bees and they do n't expect perfect stripes -- no 2 are! Is my third year with Mr Stripey plant yes the color is not always the same tomato going! My daughter too found him irresistible, reminding her of the reason that plant... Reminding her of the issues that you can encourage it to get more branches... Moved it in June and moved it in June and moved it in July, I did mean... Fruit from the plant is delicious and tons of fruit, which is twice the size you pretty... Getting any that break color but at the expense of flowers and fruit two pound fruit occasionally lots. Currently have 2 Mr Stripeys were just drying up and falling off of it the. Bonnie plants at home depot 85-90 % chlorine free as a potato disease, it very...

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