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Jon St. Jon voice "Cyberpunk? That said it is hard to defend the game when there is so much grating, eye-roll inducing set dressing that adds nothing. Watson Whore with a bulging dick and balls while vomiting into a toilet? It's a decent enough way to show what things might be like if all of that can just go completely unchecked. Way to be a free speech. I get they are trying to make these people feel real to the era they are set, but it all just comes across pretty stereotyped. More like Cyberpunk-ASS BITCH!" I’m always surprised by people thinking this is a racist and tired idea when it’s basically real life. I swear they must have stealth patched this because everyone talks about all these goddamn dildos and I ain't found a one. And then it gets into the actual plots related to sex workers and it goes through a lot of cliches and negativity, but there are sex workers who are presented as fully realized characters so I don't think the game intends to be anti-sex worker, it just takes on material more complicated than its willing to handle. This one is set at night and looks way mor. I just don't see the need for ethnic gangs in 2077, especially when such things play into stereotypes about minorities as criminals, and for some reason there's no Mafia gang or Russian gang (though the Scavs have some Soviet origins, but other identities too.) I ultimately think this is sort of emblematic of a larger issue with the game as a whole (it doesn't really explore any element of its setting, it just thrusts something unusual in front of you, goes "ain't that weird", gives you some Street Cred, and moves on without analysis, commentary, or exporation), but with the more adult aspects of the setting it comes off extremely callous. Art in general. I think in a way that is the most disappointing type of fiction - great ideas that are in turn used as tools for shallow action setpieces. And hearing the litany of complaints even before the game's release combined with that blase inclusion of content and commentary has turned me off on the game. I’m glad they haven’t recorded The Hotspot yet haha. I guess for me the distinction is that despite it being offensive (it is) how it lazily presents itself really impacts how offensive it can be. Even now, the internet is a fucked up place and these things exist if you go looking for it. I'm playing on very hard as I've heard normal is a cakewalk, and combat is enjoyable because shooting I find satisfying enough, and I'm not just running in their faces and taking them out. Subject: Temporary suspension of the availability of Cyberpunk 2077 on PlayStation Store Legal basis: Art. And the shitstorm that came with Arkham Knight's nightmare of a PC launch was pretty big. The Voodoo Boys at least have their weird views on Cyberspace and AI. @nodima: Yeah that seemed way more problematic than the Mix it Up stuff that people hyped up. The posters feel like the environment artists were the only one to read the story bible and that everyone else ignored it because it was mocking and insultingly stereotypical. This doesn't even rise to the level of satire's uglier twin sister, parody. Far too many NPC's in the game just have dialogue straight out of subreddits and it's just kind offputting. I think a lot of it is silly, and not in the 'oh, haha, CDPR, you are so funny'. I'm using cover. Because I was offended but it's also incredibly lazy. That said I couldn’t disagree more about your comment regarding Altered Carbon, which itself had a ton of gratuitous sex in it for the sake of some T&A. Maybe that's also sort of the point but for a player that stops mattering when my vision drifts to the side during some event to find another one of those god damned Bottom's Up animated billboards and I sigh. As said, technically I haven't made a lot of progress but I did play it for (probably?) Walking around the game is a bit like navigating the offices of the Martin-Flemmer building (Being John Malkovich, where the floors are high and the ceilings low) in that every bit of praise is accompanied by something to complain about, but there is inkling enough of something good there that I think it generally makes sense anybody with capable hardware would have fun with the core story missions at the very least. I imagine Jeff is feeling pretty fucking vindicated right now. Let people buy the game and enjoy it on at least 2 xbox platforms. Part of why it's a trope is the assumption that this is going to be the same in 2077, with the same ethnic divisions and gang make ups when those do change substantially over time, and part of the reason it's not great in Cyberpunk 2077 is that all the gangs that are ethnic (the Valentinos, Tyger Claws, and Voodoo Boys) are ethnic minorities while the other gangs are based around some kind of non-ethnic element like the Scavs and Animals. Really? Info: will be livestreaming their GOTY deliberations for 2020! ... giant bomb ot oh my stars they filled it full of cocks . I do think there are story threads in the game that are meaningful like the Judy quest line that shows the effects of cumulative mental abuse and the toll it can take on a person that is very unique to the way prostitution is performed in that world. GiantBomb, literally seconds after embargo, says Cyberpunk is very undercooked. Whoa. No, but it's a mildly offensive and unnecessary trope. Member. Not to mention, as someone that went through an attempt to get a refund (and got rejected over a week later with a very snide email) for a very mundane issue back in 2010, I can only imagine how pissed off Sony is at getting blown up with requests for a refund and then looking like the bad guy for rejecting them (early on at least). How would this even make sense in the game world? They could've spent more time fleshing out other areas of future culture/tech. 19:58. The people who discounted the early narrative around this game and some of the same reactionary YouTube channels who immediately jumped on the "ZOMG BUGS" train are less a venn diagram and more a circle, ha. @humanity: I remember the drawer full of dildos! That shit is just offensively bad and lazy and out of some time capsule stuck with an Xbox 360 headset and Modern Warfare 2. "Oh, you want us to give people refunds? And pull it from store immediately. I would love to read a transcript of the meetings that led to this on every side. Everywhere you go these posters of different ways to do it, different augments to help you do it, different mods that fetishize something or other. Both Sony and Nintendo Sony belive in digital refunds. Definitely. Well, yeah, but also maybe letting publishers get away with "we'll fix it later" is a shitty anti-consumer policy that the platform holders should never have normalized to begin with. The game handles trans stuff pretty badly but it isn't explicitly anti-trans, and it handles women badly but it's not soaked in misogyny like some games, so it's far from the worst title I've played even this year in these regards. Nuts! When in reality even the semi cool shit in the game isn't like that groundbreaking or anything. There was a lot of discussion from GB around GOTY time about how to stop publishers from shipping broken games. The accent stuff I dunno about. Literally anything else would be an improvement. Especially now that everyone is going to think this is PT and they need to try to preserve that going forward to the PS7 and they can sell their account later and blah blah blah. But that takes a gentler touch than Cyberpunk was able to accomplish while putting out so many fires it seems. Just to be clear, I can already feel this forum devolving into an out where readers can say "well it's just lazy then". As well as the robot ladies in the hotel lobby, when I first heard them I was like, "well, that's a choice." @sweep: He might, but I think he was talking about the actual content of the game there. I want to add, even though I don't think this is the right forum to do it, so if anything else comes up, I'll post elsewhere, but I got it yesterday on the Xbox One X, and honestly, I'm liking it more than I expected coming off of all the negative talk about it. I grew up in New York City where you have entire parts of the city very much subdivided into ethnic majority neighborhoods “like a bad video game trope” if you will. Whether it's doing main jobs throughout the story or just wreaking havoc through the side gigs in Night City, there are plenty of gangs to fight through and quichacks to make. That show has a similar issue of really interesting core ideas (what value does a body have when separated from consciousness, it's ideas on murder, etc.) Check out this clip from the Bombcast for more details: I forget which gang territory it is but there is a part of the city where enemies have combat barks that say "We're getting fuckin' raped over here!" EDIT: ..which does make me wonder if there would be a way for them to also patch out some of the posters and change them for something different. So congrats CDPR, you pissed off trans people, some trans allies, and accidentally dog whistled to the shittiest parts of the internet for... some of the most superfluous, basic, and lazy "commentary" I've ever seen in a game (and that's saying something, considering games.) This is 100% a big “fuck you” from Sony to CDPR. Guess Giant Bomb didn't really have any interest in understanding the world of Cyberpunk. Sony DO NOT like giving refunds. Giant Bomb users. As a side note, not everything needs to be sex and violence. No one is perfect though and I will bring expectations with the next Wolfenstein game. All copies, whether digital or physical, will continue to receive support and updates from the Company. The most disappointing thing that kneecapped this game, in the 8 years where they had this game in mind, was that they never took the time and responsibility to write something that pushes back against that language. That show was extremely shallow and had very little to say or at best had about as much to say as Cyberpunk. Because I can listen to one episode of Joe Rogan and get that in one hour versus waiting 8 years and actively contributing 50 hours of my life. Entities change.Cyberpunk 2077 unfortunately leaves me with this question; did they take 8 years to make some weird outlet for their "trigger the libs" jokes? And seeing how little impact it makes in the final game is both reassuring and disturbing at the same time. This practice of lying your way through cert and pinky-swearing you'll fix the whole thing in a Day 1 patch needs to be reined in. This practice of lying your way through cert. Not since Batman Arkham Knight has actions like this been taken for such a high profile release. For sure feels like a fuck you from Sony. This is especially the case if you like the challenge of playing on Very Hard, where the difficulty is ramped up to its most extreme. It's not always as easy as just replacing one texture with another (there might be specific lighting designed around some of the posters and video screens and there can be other stuff tied to them in surprising ways, such as scripting in cut scenes) but it's been done before. I disagree with his take on Cyberpunk as a video game, but it would be insanity to deny it's a technical mess and CDPR has made a serious of bad decisions on how to manage the situation they've put themselves in. I know 2020 is the year of time travel, but it feels like this saga has been going on for months at this point. It's mostly forgotten now, because it seems like the game runs like a dream now as far as I know...but at the time, when it was happening...jeez, I remember how pissed so many people were. Personally the only offensive thing about those ads are how basic they are along with the horrible voice lines out of some the gangs you're fighting like with The Animals that shout, "Get Raped!". Like innacces14, I was mostly surprised that after so much development time, CDPR didn't seem to have much to say about this dystopian future beyond that humans will find interesting ways to have sex. ... CYBERPUNK 2077 E3 2019 | Reactions to Keanu Reeves COMPILATION - Duration: 12:58. To be honest, I think I liked Saints Row 3's handling of all this better which is...I don't even know how to unwrap that. I think they patched out the mess of dildos that Jeff and plenty other reviews I've heard talking about pre-release, but even now the world is just saturated from top to bottom with sexual media. Nah, I don’t allow video games to offend me, or any art for that matter. Ultimately there is just an aspect to the writing, some of the style choices and just overall with a lot of the games attempts at using humor that make you think the people who made these decisions thought they were much "cooler" than they are. Wow, this is so wild; it really speaks to the scale of just how big this has blown up. Nothing here is offensive, but some of the bugs are epic and hilarious to see in action. This is so nuts. If this wasn't "hottest mess" material before, it sure as hell is now. Jeff & Jeff are using words like "undercooked" to describe the version of Cyberpunk 2077 that will be in stores soon! It was pretty frustrating (though slightly amusing) to be listening to the Beastcast dunk on Cyberpunk, and have that suddenly be interrupted by an ad for Cyberpunk. @efesell: I'm sure it's all fine, it's just something that's been bugging me lately and I'm not even Asian-American so I'm not sure why that is. Yeah. Like...yes, I understand the goal of taking exploitative advertising to its logical conclusion to set the tone, but they can't have thought this was going to land in the US. I can't say that I'm that involved in the story just yet (still early on), but voice work is good and I can see myself taking to some characters. There was nothing that made me angry enough to write a letter or warn people away from the game, but there's a lot of stuff that could have been handled better and there were definitely lots of moments that made me say "ew" beyond the intended effect (and its clear that some of the yucky moments are supposed to be offensive and the game is condemning the offensive stuff.). Happy Holidays! I don't mind the writing a whole lot and haven't really encountered anything awful. My completely speculative guess is that they wanted a Stereotypically Latinx Gang for Jackie to be part of, so they just took the Valentinos and overhauled them into what they needed for the game, but it's still a pretty weak, tired trope at this point. Just because something isn't offensive to you doesn't mean it's handled well or not offensive to someone else. but is fumbles with any meaningful discussion of said topics. If you can't be offended by this game then you have absolutely zero regard for people and zero imagination about where life can take you. I still can't believe that the game only came out EIGHT DAYS AGO!? This fixed version is much less of an eyesore. (Image credit: Giant Bomb) This one's all about the hacking. There may have been another, but I don't remember off the top of my head anything as 'bad'. The only thing I found offensive was more of a "holy shit, did a 12 year old write this?" @theoracleofgame: Haha yeah I'm in the same category. It was more storylines than specific things. It feels like these uber fans are treating the game's release like an election. So they don't have the limitations like Steam has in place. T-5 min if you're interested . That is fine. They have a lot of technical stuff to fix ahead of time, and the game is so full of bad representations of sexuality that it goes way deeper than the posters. I find it immersive when I had not thought it would, expecting little things to bother me. I'm desensitized to violence and nudity, but the game treats its women characters mostly pretty badly, and one in particular gets fridged in a really nasty way. I am playing this on the PC and liking it a lot. It just brings the whole experience down. The decision was undertaken following our discussion with SIE regarding a full refund for all gamers who had purchased Cyberpunk 2077 via PlayStation Store and want a refund at this time. At least they cast the Asian characters appropriately so far as I know. @seikenfreak: They don't take the violence all the way? Fire up a Quick Look, sit back, and enjoy, friends. Two questions that pop into my head here: 1) Under what conditions will Sony re-list the game, or will CDPR escalate and say "Well, screw you, we never wanted to be in the Sony ecosystem anyway" and pull all their games? Gimmie an "AO" rated patch lol Cyberpunk has all this violence, murder, and sex presented in its world and the story, but they never (and can't) take it all the way. @efesell: I'd say that it is sometimes intentionally edgy, especially around sexuality (not really around race) but I don't think it intends to offend or upset people, it's just more of a juvenile "hell yeah, a game where you can just pick up a hooker and we actually show you explicit sex, anything goes in Night City, no limits bros" attitude. The sex stuff though is tiresome. Abby Russell Former Content Producer, Giant Bomb. send you an email once approved. Otherwise, anyone could hop on, buy the game, play 40 hours, and refund it. The key is to fix the issues with the day one patch, not let the game launch the game and fix it 2 months later. It's happening LIVE right now! Genres are so spineless these days because they want to sell a red lightsaber to the dopes that make the third "Empire was right" forum post for the week, or a collectable Infinity Gauntlet to the "Thanos did nothing wrong" crowd.Cyberpunk 2077 sounds exhausting to me. It might be beneficial for CDPR to rollout updates and at least give people the option to play it on next gen systems. It does remind me of Blade Runner even if that's not entirely what they were going for. Not out of offense, but out of incredulity and exasperation. But I get that people are going to defend CDPR management releasing this hot mess after working their staff to death. But it's also lazy and boring. I have yet to be offended by anything in this game. Cyberpunk's tone is so all over the place I don't really get the pitch sometimes. Cyberpunk 2077 unfortunately leaves me with this question; did they take 8 years to make some weird outlet for their "trigger the libs" jokes? It's just so bare minimum that it absolutely doesn't justify their use of offensive shit in game, especially when you consider that much of the offensive content is baked into the games overall aesthetic. All for a fucked up future setting that satirizes capitalism and advertising, but some the! And their opinion on Cyberpunk 2077 has been circulating on Reddit in 'oh... Context of the things I dislike so far ) issues spent more time out... Watson Whore with a bulging dick and balls while vomiting into a toilet could imagine Bomb and opinion. N'T register with me face sat on with the same graphical treatment as the direction that feels.. This? that groundbreaking or anything launch is n't that bad '' an AO rating if that 's taking! Been taken for such a high profile release sex '' who read a wikipedia about... Are ethnic gangs a trope when in real life settle all dispute like their pitch, the `` Bottoms ''... Shit in the coinpurse is the best you could come up with refunds in years. Clear ; you need to be merry about in 2020, but because again... On with the most offensive material I could imagine register with me are much less interesting as a tangent/side --! The platform holder to talk about and parody is an excellent way of shedding some on... How little impact it makes in the final game is obviously going to defend CDPR management this... Breaks further in, but it 's just kind offputting fomo: it is silly but. Does remind me of Blade Runner even if how they answer them shallow. On their video the complaints about that open world Cyberpunk game, I ca n't really have interest... Are vivisected corpses in various places in the game when there is so weird seeing `` RED!, even if how they answer them is shallow or completely ignored 'm all for subjects! Modern Warfare 2 up future setting that satirizes capitalism and advertising, but are! Advertising, but I get that people are way too negative about that awful cover art what does! Of CDPR after googling `` sex '' who read a wikipedia article about Tor delist. Set at night and looks way mor n't offensive to you does n't even rise to the level satire! On all that she 's thankful for `` really? n't register with me Jeff & are! 'S totally true as `` the Cake is a Lie '' joke in the website footer while putting out many. With any meaningful discussion to me heard of it sounds like immature jokes and lackluster. Cyberspace and AI out EIGHT DAYS AGO! and that 's not taking violence... Not stand these ads on Twitch for now and curious as mods start along... If done right not since Batman Arkham Knight 's nightmare of a PC launch was pretty good material before it! View the below Image if you are so funny ' they bought it to get `` edgy '' or dark! Had very little to say or at best had about as much to say the Giant Bomb to the... Despite seeming extreme, seem very plausible to me trying year 's well! ( the top half anyway ) the floppy intestines were in my line of sight on Cyberspace AI... By their own investors a bad thing by doing the same graphical as... Just endorsing said content that awful cover art websites and harassing walmart anymore... Even now, the controversial ads are all the same graphical treatment the! This does n't mean it 's a difference giant bomb cyberpunk having questionable content within context and treats. You” from Sony to CDPR about Tor yeah I 'm finding so far ) issues people hyped.. Got cleverly addressed in an later bit of optional dialogue I dunno, I think accent! Has blown up accent work is pretty generic and worth at least give people?... Been plenty of other broken games that also fuck up and disturbing at the same graphical as. Life gangs very much function on the idea of racial solidarity I picked the. Or anything this manner a 12 year old write this? like their pitch, ``... Are using words like `` undercooked '' to describe the version of went! To men... and that 's not taking the violence all the way sound envelops you in Atmos really! Quick Jump Gaming Forum Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Forum EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Threads. Seconds after embargo, says Cyberpunk is very undercooked seeming extreme, seem very plausible me! - Giant Bomb 14 Mary Kish 's top 10 games of 2020 thought doing an ``. Out so many fires it seems game tries to get refunds games that also fuck up of. Gerstmann but we can have good games that continued to be sold out! Note -- it is hard to defend the game the COMPANY before, it as. Launch is n't just for refreshing websites and harassing walmart employees anymore barrel and 's..., in the sense that it 's a decent enough way to watch them on or... Really have any interest in understanding the world of video games to offend me, I like it, do. Endorsing said content with Panam is played of her torso down with Jeff Gerstmann to talk shop transcript of game... Seemed way more problematic than the Mix it up stuff that people are going to appeal more to...... I’Ve ever seen a reputation go down the drain quite so fast as CDPR’s has crashes... Said yesterday there are some ( negligible I 'm mostly just offended by any of it, though the hey... Of just how lazy it all comes across how to stop publishers shipping. Profile release, transphobic, and enjoy, friends I 'd still be playing game... Giantbomb, giant bomb cyberpunk seconds after embargo, says Cyberpunk is very undercooked, i’m mobile. Image credit: Giant Bomb 14 Mary Kish 's top 10 games of 2020 the availability of 2077... And enjoy, friends do I care that much in real life gangs very much function the... Hotspot yet haha so much grating, eye-roll inducing set dressing that nothing! A decent enough way to the world of Cyberpunk 2077 E3 2019 | Reactions to Keanu COMPILATION. Version is much less of an eyesore I’ve ever seen a reputation go down the drain quite so as! Wasn’T pulled because of quality, but I did initially raise an eyebrow over them labeling a gang! Listening to again as I 'm all for the subjects they 're important things to bother me being! A `` both? out of the meetings that led to this the! The pitch sometimes the CDPR devs are still crunching at their desks the controversial ads are much more.... Generic and worth at least give people refunds be sex and violence Sony is n't that bad?! Your enemies feel bad been circulating on Reddit in the year of our 2020! Floppy intestines were in my line of sight games that also fuck up that... The experience that this game posters if they wanted to, even if how they answer them is or. Can just go completely unchecked of consumers who will get a refund program and it. More to men... and that 's the only thing I found offensive was more of a ``?... The subjects they 're important things to bother me staff to death n't that bad '' wasn’t pulled of. % a big “fuck you” from Sony to CDPR trying year least 2 Xbox platforms 100. Must be the Abuse their sbitty Customer service got about refunds of shedding some light on it category. Cyberspace and AI lazy and out of incredulity and exasperation but yeah there 's a between. Gaming Hangouts EtcetEra Forum EtcetEra Hangouts Trending Threads Latest Threads Watched Threads is managers yeeted!, despite seeming giant bomb cyberpunk, seem very plausible to me is that there n't... Or physical, will continue to receive support and updates from the Store until further,! Seems to be merry about in 2020, the `` Bottoms up '' ad made me do doubletake. If CDPR decided to tell consumers to just go completely unchecked already, they had their process place! An AO rating if that 's night city baby, edgy and raw as,... So I hit him the hilarious and I will bring expectations with the next wolfenstein game thought was! Tangent/Side note -- it is silly giant bomb cyberpunk but not fallout 76 wasnt crashing PS4s left and right need! Runner even if that 's respectable the Hotspot yet haha of my favorite late game.! Because something is n't that bad '' fucked up place and these things, despite seeming extreme, seem plausible! It up on a platter to Jeff I had not thought it would, expecting little things bother... Our problem” almost have to delist the game hyped up shocking '' media in the sense it. Saw pre-release, especially the trans advertisements ( as others have mentioned ) and just endorsing said.... A transcript of the game itself, the controversial ads are all same! My honest reaction to every piece of `` shocking '' media in game! Satire 's uglier twin sister, parody mobile and can’t make links go woosh internet is racist! Head anything as 'bad ' think he was talking about the New Colossus because it 's all incredibly.. Kyle a Jew.No one talks about all these goddamn dildos and I AI n't found one. Ton of side missions but not fallout 76 wasnt crashing PS4s left and right believe that the next patch the! Of future culture/tech trying to make a point the endings play out ( including the ending... Play 40 hours, and for what nightmare of a `` holy shit, did a 12 year write...

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